Chef Jagger Gordon

Chef Jagger Gordon

I am fighting to change the laws associated in having to donate all foods that are reaching to It's expiry dates in stores, rather than, by law having to throw it out or having it destroyed. We have to many hungry families and children in our own backyards to feed.

Fill out the petition and I will forward it. I will stand tall with all of you behind me to fight this law to be changed. Please read this article and follow what the world is doing


Please go to my page and sign these petitions now copy and (right click) open


It's Time to Care to Share.

​ Hello, as a Chef and caterer in Toronto Canada,

I have seen a lot of food being thrown away or wasted. There are a lot of single families that work late nights and can't make the food bank during business hours or even the elderly that can not or are not able to cook a healthy meal for themselves. Imagine a child alone at home at night ~hungry~.... So I have thought it out and created a non profit organization that made it time to for a small change in the life of others.. Feed it forward... Please Look at and follow my progress , as I have started this Pilot Project with one commercial freezer secured in front of a church. It has an e-lock 24/7 that has online face recognition and key less entry on it.. 8 separate locked compartments with individual access for 8 families and up to 4 in a family. 7 days a week =11648 meals per year- per freezer.... I will prepare and package all these with a nutritionally balanced meals and maintain the program..Toronto has given me the green lights and my first Location is secured. The Freezer is being retrofitted with its modifications .. 8 Qualified families will be chosen through a lottery draw monthly service through Church that are aware of those in need. Thank you and please share this, as I hope this pilot project " Feed Families " will spread and populate in numbers and places. Follow me at Your support will make a difference in their lives...




Feeding families in need of food

Giving back to our communities in feeding families with nutritional balanced meals provided through commercial freezers in public places


The New way on giving food away with a new App

This iOS and Android App will allow commercial stores to  post their food items at a almost free pricing and give the community access to food that would end up in a landfill stated by our governed laws.

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